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Monday Pack Activities (6/17/2024)

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Bear, and Rey all lingered in the stream when we crossed it on our way up Saddle Rock Trail, taking their time to poke around. When we were further up the mountain, they all surveyed the ravine below together when we pulled over to the side of the trail to let other hikers by. Bear and Rey munched on some grass along the edge of the stream when we made another stop at it further up the mountain; Ruffers wasn't interested.

Variety Pack

Alfie, Carl, Dylan, and Lou enjoyed a walk along Goose Creek Greenway and Boulder Creek Path from Valmont Park this afternoon. The prairie dogs were especially active; some even ran right across the path a short distance ahead of us. Carl, Dylan, and Lou didn't pay any mind to them, but Alfie was on high alert. At one point, on the return leg of the walk, he made a lunge that must have been at a nearby prairie dog that escaped my notice. Carl was the only one who took up the offer for water from the CamelBak. We had pretty good cloud cover for most of the walk, and it wasn't quite as hot as it has been lately.


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