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Monday Pack Activities

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Rey, Zoey, Carl, and Lou headed to the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Lou, Carl, and Rey all sniffed around one particular spot at the edge of the Bear Creek ditch that runs beside the path. Rey made a move toward a rollerblader who zoomed by at one point, but she was at the far side of me and I cut her advance off short. She instantly snapped out of focusing on them, and resumed pace with the rest of the pack. At the end of our walk, Lou and Rey were both wary of a man who was standing in the park between us and the packmobile. I had them both sit and wait until they stopped staring and grumbling at him in the distance, and he eventually resumed his run. We hung out in the grassy field of Martin Park for a few minutes, and then headed back.


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