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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley and Ruffers enjoyed the snowy trail at Shanahan Ridge this morning. There were a lot of downed pine branches to be sniffed. Ruffers was feeling playful, and tried to get Riley to play with her. I gave Riley as much length as I could on leash so she could enjoy dodging around with Ruffers in the snow.

Variety Pack

Carl insisted on walking through the snow bank beside the Goose Creek Greenway for much of our walk this afternoon. Rey followed her usual routine of pulling off to the side on and off throughout the walk, following her nose; however, this time, she was sniffing the surface of the snow rather than poking around in the grass and brush. Ruffers was curious about what was on the other side of the path, but wasn't as insistent about checking things out as Carl and Rey were. Zoey still hasn't settled on any favorite spots to stop along the Goose Creek Greenway, but I'm sure that will develop as we continue to incorporate it into our pack walk destinations.

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