Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was less interested in keeping up with Dylan at the lead today, and instead hung back to sniff at bushes with Riley. Sputnik spent some time off leash, and seemed to be feeling pretty good. He was happy to stop and take some water whenever I offered, but he wasn't preoccupied with drinking as much water as possible and he only stopped to munch on snow every once in a while. Dylan again enjoyed rolling around in the snow today. He usually flopped down right in the middle of the trail to do it.

Variety Pack

Rey, Lou, Imogene and Carl all got pretty distracted by a dog who barked at us from a yard behind a fence that borders the Bear Creek Greenway path. Zoey was the only one who didn't bat an eye at the other dog's fuss. I had to get everyone else's attentions and regroup so we could keep walking past. The pack kept on track much better when other dogs passed by us along the path, because those dogs didn't bark. We made our usual stop by the mile marker next to the basketball courts, and everyone put their noses to work, sniffing in all different directions.