Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Milo, Dylan, Sputnik, and Ruffers all enjoyed the remaining snowy patches at Shanahan Ridge. Sputnik munched on the snow. Ruffers and Dylan both wiggled around in it. Milo just hopped around playfully and then lay in it, without rolling over the way his packmates did. Everyone took turns off-leash in different pairs along the way.

Variety Pack

Lou, Zoey, Rey, Carl, and Milo made a new friend today, when a dog came trotting down the path without its human in sight. Rey and Milo were especially worked up about greeting the other dog as he approached us, but everyone happily sniffed hello. After the dog wandered off and then returned to hang out with the pack, I was able to get a hold of his collar. His name was Max, and his dad came and picked him up shortly after I called the number that was written on Max's name tag.