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Monday Pack Activities (7/17/2023)

Adventure Pack

The whole pack jumped right into Boulder Creek at Eben G. Fine Park at the beginning of our walk on this hot day. Avo was in and out, while Bear, Racer and Dylan lingered a bit more - in fact, Dylan was pretty hesitant to emerge from the water and get on with the walk. We took four water breaks to make sure the dogs stayed wet and cool. Dylan and Racer made the most of each stop, while Avo and Bear didn't always opt to get in.

Variety Pack

Sanni, Alfie, Archie and Lou all enjoyed a bit of wrestling around at the house before we set our for our walk along Boulder Creek Path. Griff stayed out of the fray, except to dart in and grumble every now and then when he felt the pups were getting too rowdy. Lou, Griff and Sanni were the water-dogs of the afternoon, while Archie and Alfie got only their paws wet whenever we stopped at the creek. Archie and Sanni got worked up and pulled whenever we passed other dogs on the path, and Archie would continue by turning around and trying to backtrack to see them. Meanwhile, Griff, Lou and Alfie were easy walkers throughout.


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