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Monday Pack Activities (7/25)

Adventure Pack

Avo raced up to Farmers Ditch ahead of the pack, and had a blast splashing through the water along with a black lab named Gus who was equally enthusiastic about that past-time. Dylan followed behind Avo but kept pausing and looking back to make sure the rest of us were keeping up. With Avo, Gus, and Dylan all going in and out of the water and wading through the tall grass at its banks, it was hard to tell who was who, as they are all black with subtle white markings, and roughly the same size. Meanwhile, Ruffers and Sputnik waded into the ditch and got a drink.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Carl, and Rey encountered a couple little dogs on their walk along the Bear Creek Greenway. The little ones started to growl as they came near, which set both Carl and Rey to barking in response. I pulled them aside and had them sit for a minute as the little ones continued on their way. The rest of the walk was quiet. Without Zoey to lead the pit-stop crew today, Ruffers made sure we checked out the grassy field by the mile marker and basketball courts, where the pack typically stops.


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