Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack hung out for a little while at a slightly snowy patch beside the trail. Avo dug in the dirt. Dylan rolled in the snow. Riley chewed on twigs. Ruffers just sniffed around. A short while later, Dylan found another, snowier spot to roll around. Avo and Riley hopped all around him as he went for it. After that, Avo and Ruffers ran around in the snow together while Riley and Dylan walked the trail on leash with me.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Lou, Rey, Carl, and Zoey all spent a good, long while sniffing around Eben G. Fine Park at the beginning of our walk today. There were a few trees and some patches of grass that all required a thorough check by the whole pack. We passed some geese who were walking through the field across from the kids' fishing pond. None of the dogs really reacted, aside from Carl and Rey calmly watching the geese for a few moments while we were passing.