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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The whole pack was moving kind of slowly on the trails today. Ruffers brought up the rear as she spent a lot of time sniffing around. Dylan lingered behind with her, but was a bit quicker to move on and catch up with the rest of us. When he caught up, he would check out whatever Riley was sniffing. Sputnik poked along but didn't do a lot of sniffing. A woman we saw early in the hike stopped and asked to say hello to the dogs. They were all very happy to get some attention and some treats. Later in the hike, other hikers commented on how well-behaved the pack was.

Variety Pack

Zoey nibbled on some grass and twigs during our walk on the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. When we stopped at grassy parks along the way, Avo made play-bows with one shoulder tucked down, ready to flop and roll over. Rey, Carl, and Lou all showed some interested in playing, but I kept them from getting too worked up since it was a leashed walk. Carl hopped and bowed around Avo while she rolled in the grass. Rey and Lou both just loomed with poised postures.


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