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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A lot of people wanted to say hello to the pack today. Sputnik was especially happy to greet two little girls who giggled at his persistent nosing and leaning into them. The girls asked all the dogs' names and then repeated them back to me, 'Donnan', 'Ahba', 'Ruffers', and 'Sebanuh' - they got one right, at least! Dylan rediscovered the deer leg that Avo had found last week. It was a little ways off the trail, in the same area where we had left it. Dylan hovered over it for a minute but came when I called him. Avo and Ruffers were both on leash, and both wanted to follow their noses to the prize they had left behind. Avo was especially insistent about wanting to turn back for it as we continued to walk on.

Variety Pack

A new pack member joined us today - Archie! Archie is an Aussiedoodle, about 6 months old. Rey and Carl were both very excited to greet and play with Archie at the house before our pack walk. Lou was eager to sniff hello at first but then left it to the others to keep Archie entertained. On the walk, Archie's attention was all over the place. It didn't help that Lou was in a stubborn mood and kept stopping in place, leaving Archie without the structure of steady forward movement to help keep him locked in. At one point, we came across a man who really wanted to say hello to the dogs. Rey, Archie, and Carl were quick to go over and greet him. Lou followed up behind her packmates and then proceeded to crawl into the man's lap the way she likes to do whenever I squat down to try to take a picture of her. Archie kept diving on top of Lou to lick the man's face. Eventually, I pried the dogs away so we could continue on with our walk.


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