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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Dylan enjoyed roaming off leash together. We looped around on trails at the Chautauqua without going very far into the mountains. Sputnik started off with a little bit of a limp to his gait, but seemed to get more comfortable over time. One group of hikers asked to pet the dogs as Sputnik and Dylan were already making their way straight for them. I brought Riley and Ruffers over to get some love, too, and everyone was happy.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey, Avo, Lou, and Rey headed to the Bear Creek Greenway. A walker on the path there also asked to say hello to the dogs, and everybody quickly crowded around her to get some pets; Carl didn't even grumble at the woman. At one point, when we made our usual stop by the boulder marker in the field by the basketball courts, Avo and Rey played with each other. They dodged around and kept trying to pin the other under a shoulder, in an adorable display of snuggle wrestling. Lou hovered around them with her tail wagging but didn't really try to insert herself. Carl and Zoey were pretty calm and quiet throughout the walk.

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