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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack moved notably more steadily today than in the heat at the end of last week. We still pulled over here and there so Dylan, Ruffers, Sputnik, and Zoe could sniff around a bit, but tongues were largely kept in mouths rather than out panting, and nobody insisted on any long breaks in the shade. The trails were pretty busy and we passed by several other dogs, but none came up to say hello to the pack.

Variety Pack

Before our walk, Avo and Rey hopped around with each other at the house a bit. Carl had a lot of fun with little Zoe. Lou and Zoe just lounged around and got pets until it was time to head out for the walk. Avo, Rey, Lou, Zoey, and Carl went to CU South for the first time in a while. Signs there indicate that dogs are required to be on leash now, but most of the dogs we saw were roaming free anyway. The pack kept on the move most of the time, with some brief stops here and there along the way.


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