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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Riley did a whole lot of sniffing near the trail head at the Chautauqua this morning. We inched our way up Bluebell Road toward the Mesa Trail, with Ruffers back-tracking every so often, when she decided she should also smell what her packmates had been so interested in. The devotion to scent investigation continued on the Mesa Trail, but with slightly less fervor, so we were able to make our way along the trail at a good pace.

Variety Pack

Rey and Lou headed to Wonderland Lake together after a brief play-wrestling match at the house. They had taken turns play-bowing in front of each other, while the other stood over and tried not to flinch. After a brief flurry of movement, they would switch places. They did that back-and-forth for a little while, then settled down and got some pets before we set out to walk. The walk was pretty calm. When we were on the mountainside overlooking the pond, Rey noticed some deer in the distance, and watched them with keen interest, while Lou just sniffed around in front of her and mugged me for more pets.

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