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Monday Pack Activities (8/14/2023)

Adventure Pack

It was a very mild day today, but Bear, Dylan and Avo were all still excited to climb into Silver Lake Ditch to soak and splash around a bit - Dylan and Avo did the soaking, while Bear did the splashing. At a fork in the trail, Bear started heading up one way while I was taking the back down the other route. I called to him to come down and join us on our trail but he ignored the request. I brought the pack back to the fork and called Bear back again, and then he finally doubled back along his trail and followed us the right way.

Variety Pack

Prairie dogs were out all throughout the fields along Goose Creek Greenway. Alfie was the only pack member interested in them. I had to keep stopping and drawing him back to the pack because he would start to pull ahead while staring off in the distance at the little, chirping distractions. There were a few spots where Zoey, Carl, Lou and Alfie all stopped to sniff together. I'm realizing that I need to be more careful in monitoring these situations. Due to Alfie's height combined with his urge to leave his mark, Zoey and Lou both caught a stray stream. I immediately rinsed them off with water from the Camelbak. Surprisingly, Carl - the smallest of the group - managed to stay dry. Maybe it's because he's more used to being in the line of fire at his height, whereas it is a fairly novel experience for Lou and Zoey.


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