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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Avo went ahead to take a dip in the creek at Gregory Canyon. Sputnik and I followed up behind them. Dylan and Sputnik relaxed in the water while Avo kept running across the creek and back over the bridge, or vice-versa. A beetle hitched a ride on Dylan's back, and then transferred to his leash before I gave the leash a flick to send him on his way. Dylan did not seem to notice his hitchhiker, and neither did his packmates.

Variety Pack

Rey was pretty interested in the prairie dogs along the Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon. Carl had an appetite for grass. Zoey took her time and made a few stops early on, but then walked along smoothly without any more stops after she fully relieved herself. The stubborn streak that Lou has had in recent weeks seems like it may have passed, as she didn't stop in place and brace herself for no apparent reason the way she had been doing lately.


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