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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Avo headed straight down into the shallow water running under the bridge at the Gregory Canyon trail head. Ruffers and Sputnik followed behind them with me. There were a lot of wasps buzzing around under the bridge, but they didn't harass us. Still, I moved on with the dogs when I noticed how many were around. Dylan caught site of a black squirrel hopping in the brush along the Saddle Rock Trail and ran ahead before he lost sight of it. The rest of the pack were oblivious to the critter. Avo found another deer leg, right by where we crossed the creek again, a little upstream from the bridge. I was impressed with how calmly she gave it up when I called her over and told her to leave it. Ruffers got a good whiff of it, but made no moves to grab it.

Variety Pack

Zoey was the first in Boulder Creek this afternoon, but Carl and Rey soon followed. They all stuck to the shallows, just getting the lower half of their legs wet, and they didn't linger very long in the water. Everyone wanted to stop and pull over in different directions multiple times throughout the walk, so it was a challenge keeping everyone on the same page. Zoey wanted to linger behind; Carl wanted to pull ahead and off to the left. Rey wanted to go straight off to the right. In any case, it was surprisingly pleasant along the shaded trail beside the Creek, despite today's heat.


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