Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I kept a close eye on all the dogs as we passed through the area where they keep finding deer remains, and nobody wandered off to go scavenging. Avo was in a bit of a testy mood today. She was pulling at the leash, and grumbled at me whenever I stepped out in front of her to block her. She also started to chew at her leash at one point. Dylan, Ruffers, and Sputnik were all pretty chill. Sputnik lingered behind a bit more than usual today, while Dylan led the way. Ruffers seemed interested in drinking water, but then kept shying away whenever I offered it. Dylan had a quick drink at one point. Sputnik and Avo were thirstier.

Variety Pack

Jen joined to help with walking an extra big pack this afternoon at the Bear Creek Greenway. Sputnik, Zoey, and Carl walked with her while Lou, Rey, Milo, Riley, and Sanni were with me. Sanni and Riley pulled ahead some from time to time, but were manageable. Carl also pulled, but only intermittently. Zoey and Lou each stubbornly insisted on certain stops along the way. Zoey usually wanted to sniff and pee at the base of a tree. Lou just wanted to lie down and get pet for a minute. Sputnik looked pretty satisfied with joining the big pack for his second outing of the day. Rey and Milo walked very nicely at my side the whole time. A couple people commented on how nicely the whole pack behaved and got along.