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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was first in the water at the Saddle Rock Trail, with Ruffers following close behind. Avo would have raced Dylan to it, but she was on leash. Dylan and Avo both lay down to get their bellies wet, while Ruffers and Sputnik just walked through and took a drink along the way. None of the pack seemed especially eager to ascend the mountain today. We paused in shaded spots along the way. At one point, everyone was lingering behind. I sat down on a rock and called them over to me. Nobody made a move. They all just stood in place, panting and staring at me as if in joint protest. We hung out for a few minutes and then took our time heading back down.

Variety Pack

Mamacita had a slow start to the walk this afternoon. We stopped at the pack's (read: Zoey's) favorite spots in Eben G. Fine Park, and Mamacita wanted to linger at each stop for as long as possible. I had the pack sit, and Mamacita lay down in the grass. After a few minutes of chilling in the shade, Mamacita was ready to go. She went the rest of the walk without requesting any other breaks. Carl, Sanni, and Racer all needed reminders here and there throughout the walk, to not get ahead of the pack. Rey, Zoey, and Mamacita all trotted along on pace with me, once we got moving.


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