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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was nice and cool as Avo, Sputnik, Ruffers and Dylan hiked the Red Rocks at The Peoples' Crossing and walked along Boulder Creek this morning. Still, Dylan led the way to the stream so he could dunk himself in it, and Avo scrambled over the bridge - almost diving off the side - because she couldn't wait to join him. The pack all got some love from a couple young boys when we were passing through Eben G. Fine Park. One boy told me he had four dogs back at home in Connecticut, which his mother confirmed. The other described how they came to the name Cody for his dog, which took a letter from each name in their family.

Variety Pack

Racer and Kona pulled a lot at the beginning of our walk at the Goose Creek Greenway. Kona was trying to get at the prairie dogs, while Racer just wanted to wander through the brush beside the path. Meanwhile, Archie was obsessed with Rey, who just returned from a two-week hiatus. The two of them chased and dodged each other at the house before we headed out for the walk. For the first half of the walk, it seemed that trying to mount Rey was the only thing in the entire world that he cared about, but he thankfully got over it and started walking more-or-less in formation with the pack for the second half. Meanwhile, Zoey, Carl and Rey were all keeping pace very nicely, mostly unfazed by the antics of their packmates. We came across a dead prairie dog at the edge of the path, and it took some effort to pull Kona and Racer away from it once it caught their noses. I was prepared on the way back, and gave it a wide berth.


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