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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It sure was hot today! Avo was eager to get into the water, but showed some restraint when she stayed at my side as we approached the creek. Once we got close enough, that went out the window and she bolted into the water. She and Sputnik both ventured out into a deeper pocket where they could do a little paddling. Griff went in chest-deep, but didn't swim. Ruffers hung around at the edge of the water most of the time, and only stepped in for a quick dip just before we headed on.

Variety Pack

Racer, Zoey, Lou and Carl were all eager to take a dip on our walk this afternoon. Carl stayed on a step that was only about an inch underwater while his packmates got a good soak. I scooped him up and set him in one step deeper, where the water was still shallow enough that he could stand without being fully submerged, and he was quick to hop back up to his preferred ledge. A person made my day when he commented, "a variety pack!" as we walked by. He didn't know how right he was!


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