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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

When Dylan and Avo got into the creek today, Dylan dipped his back end in by sitting in the water. Avo took the opposite approach and dipped her front end in by bowing. Ruffers and Sputnik joined them in the water but just waded around without cooling off their undercarriages. We took a pretty leisurely pace as we made our way along the Boulder Creek Path.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, Lou, and Rey took their time walking along the Boulder Creek Path even more so than than morning counterparts. We started off stopping at every tree along the way in Eben G. Fine Park. After that, Rey pulled over multiple times to sniff around in the grass. One of the families of geese has been around the Kids' Fishing Pond again lately. The young ones are looking full-grown now, and the parents are far less protective than they were a few months back.


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