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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik had a little more energy than last Friday so he, Dylan, Avo and Ruffers headed up to the base of the red rocks formation at The Peoples' Connection this morning. Everyone hopped into the ditch on the way up. Avo raced around and splashed across the water while her packmates took a more leisurely approach.

Variety Pack

The pack was joined this afternoon by my friends John and Jess, who are in town for a visit and love spending time with the dogs. Lou walked with Jess; Zoey walked with John; Carl, Rey and Milo walked with me. We made a stop a the creek, where the dogs waded around in the shallows. It turned out Rey wanted to get out to deeper water, and she caught me off balance when she made the move. I stayed upright as I splashed into the creek, but my shoes were very soggy for the rest of the walk.


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