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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a nice, cool day for hiking at the Chautauqua with the pack. Archie and Avo had a couple playful moments together when Avo went into the tall grass and stood with a poised posture. Archie started hopping around her and she shifted and dodged around a bit. Ruffers and Dylan roamed off-leash together. Ruffers lingered behind a bit as usual. Dylan mostly stayed close to the pack, but there was one point during our descent when he got ahead a bit. When we caught up to him, he was licking at something off the side of the trail and I shooed him away from what unfortunately turned out to be a pile of poo.

Variety Pack

Archie was all over Rey this afternoon. In the back of the packmobile, Rey ignored Archie's flailing, licking, and generally desperate attempts to interact with her; however, when we stopped at the house, she was ready to wrestle. Zoey didn't get in on the play as much as usual, but she and Rey licked each other's faces a bit. Carl and Archie also wrestled around a bit. Lou sat out from the play altogether. We then headed to the Bear Creek Greenway. It took a little while to get moving, as the dogs all wanted to stop and sniff around at various spots across Martin Park, but then we got moving along pretty well, with everyone mostly staying in nice formation as we went.


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