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Rest in Peace, Avo

Our beloved pack member Avo passed away yesterday at the age of six years and six months due to liver failure. When she first joined the pack at the beginning of 2019, she learned the ropes from elder pack members like Isaac and Mamacita, and was a welcomed companion to them until their passings in the years since. She fetched tennis balls and splashed in kiddie pools beside Isaac, sun-bathed, rolled in the grass, and barked at noisy trucks beside Mamacita, and ran and played with so many dogs - pack members and others - during her dog park visits. She and Rey had a special friendship throughout their early days in the pack and always had a great time together. Her strong will proved challenging at times, but the relationship that grew from working with her was more than worth it. Her unbridled joy when running on the trails or through the park reliably put smiles on the faces of everyone who beheld her. She loved to push limits and seek adventure, climbing boulders and trees just to see how far she could jump off of them. Lately, she brought all that free-spirited fun to her hikes with Ruffers, Dylan and Bear. Her time was short but full of joy and expression. She will be missed dearly.


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