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Thursday Pack Activities (9/22/2022)

Adventure Pack

We waited in the packmobile for a rain shower to pass before we struck out on the trails at the Chautauqua this morning. Carl and Griff sniffed hello with a couple different dogs who were coming down the mountain as we hiked up. Archie jumped all around on leash, excited about the encounter. Racer watched them with curiosity but then quickly turned her attention back to sniffing. The rain held off while we were out, but the Ski Jump Trail was all sticky mud from the rain that had already fallen.

Variety Pack

Archie, Dylan and Riley were all very eager to head out for our afternoon walk. When I stopped out the house for a quick lunch, Dylan kept whining, Riley kept groaning, and Archie kept barking, all to express their impatience. Riley and Archie bowed and hopped around with each other a bit when we stopped in the grassy field by the basketball courts along the Bear Creek Greenway. Dylan was busy sniffing around where his packmates had peed, trying to decide whether it was worth leaving his own mark. It was.

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