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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

When we topped the ascent to the Mesa Trail, we were immediately hit with a waft of potent skunk odor. I called Ruffers and Griff back over and kept them on leash as we hiked the Mesa, to avoid having an unfortunate encounter. Tucker and Button were both a bit more interested in other dogs we passed on the trails. Button didn't press too hard - she just stopped in place one time and leaned a bit as another dog went by; Tucker pulled ahead and needed to be reminded to stick with the pack.

Variety Pack

Jen lent a hand with the pack walk this afternoon, as Racer, Blu, Gidget, Lou, Clover, Zoey and Carl headed to the Goose Creek Greenway. Racer and Blu sniffed the edge of the path in search of any odd scavengeables. Carl was feeling a bit itchy and kept picking up a hind leg mid-stride whenever he wanted to stop and scratch. Clover was moving a bit more fluidly today, now that she has medication to help with the stiffness she had been experiencing. Zoey mostly walked along in formation but made a couple stops to sniff and mark her place. Gidget and Lou followed the pack, happy to go along wherever they were led.


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