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Thursday Pack Activities (4/27/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer, Tucker, Griff and Button enjoyed a lot of attention during their hike at the Chautauqua this morning. Many other hikers admired the pack, and Button wasn't shy about going up saying hello. Racer and Tucker also got in for some pets here and there. Griff was content to hang out while his packmates soaked up the attention of strangers. He stuck pretty close to the pack when he had off-leash time. He and Tucker weren't interested in taking water during our rest stops along the way, but Racer and Button happily lapped it up.

Variety Pack

We had a new pack member join us today - Taco! Taco is a sweet 8-year-old Golden Retriever who heard about the pack from Dylan. He was a bit hesitant to hop in the packmobile full of dogs, but quickly got comfortable and had a great time with his new packmates. He immediately went for the toys when we got to the house before our walk, and pranced around the living room to display his finds. Our walk at Wonderland Lake moved especially slowly today, as Clover seemed a bit stiff and everyone wanted to stop and sniff around in the grass about every 10 yards. Zoey, Taco and Clover were all on different pages about what spots were of interest and required investigation, although they did end up congregating from time to time. Carl was mostly interested in whatever Zoey was sniffing. He was sporting a fresh, new 'do from the groomer today.


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