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Thursday Pack Activities (12/14/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer, Milo and Griff explored Enchanted Mesa together today. We encountered a few more hikers, both canine and human, than the pack saw yesterday. Milo and Griff roamed off leash but came back and stayed to the side of the trail with me and Racer upon being called when other dogs were approaching. Racer didn't go for the snow as much as she had done Tuesday.

Variety Pack

Arlo, Carl and Milo headed to Bear Creek Greenway for their afternoon packwalk. Arlo and Milo were negotiating play terms beforehand, with lots of play-bows by both. Arlo would woof sternly at Milo whenever Milo's poking and prodding got to be too much, and then they would separate and resume with the play-bows and poised looks. They were tamer for the walk. There was an orange construction tarp and a couple cones along the side of the Moorhead underpass, and Arlo got very dodgy when we first walked by it. On our return, he was walking on the opposite side of me and didn't react as strongly, but he and Milo still eyed it warily as we walked by. Carl didn't seem to care about the out-of-place objects along our path.


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