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Thursday Pack Activities (12/21/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer and Griff did the sniffing on today's hike while Milo mostly abstained again. There were a lot of dogs on the trail today, but everyone was polite and they respected distance as I moved off the side of the trail with the pack to let them go by. Griff and Milo enjoyed a bit of off-leash time together when we had a stretch without canine encounters.

Variety Pack

Arlo, Milo and Alfie were all pretty playful before the afternoon pack walk. Carl watched the others from his perch on Jen's lap while she worked on her laptop at the dining table. We headed out to Bear Creek Greenway, which was a bit busier than average but still fairly quiet. After pulling over to a grassy field so Arlo could take care of some business, Alfie started play-bowing and dodging around to try to get Arlo to pursue him. Arlo, Milo and Carl all remained chill, and Alfie soon settled down and sat calmly with everyone to get one of the treats I was doling out.


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