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Thursday Pack Activities (12/28/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff and Milo roamed off leash a bit when we got to an empty stretch of trail. The Chautauqua parking lot was packed today, and the trails were pretty busy, but Enchanted Mesa was mostly quiet. We saw three pigeons today, not far from where we had been seeing a pair last week. Griff was the first to notice them, and gave them a good, long stare before continuing down the other fork where we were headed. Taco and Lou lingered a bit to watch them. Milo wasn't interested.

Variety Pack

Alfie and Monkey got rowdy with each other after we stopped for a pack photo. Alfie started it by rolling around on his back while his packmates were posing nicely. Monkey eventually lost her composure and pounced on him, and it took a minute to get the two of them to stop going back and forth with each other. Meanwhile, Carl and Gidget were wonderful walkers throughout. Blu was a bit stubborn about pulling off to the side to sniff along with Monkey every so often during the walk, but he didn't get rowdy.

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