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Thursday Pack Activities (12/7/2023)

Adventure Pack

It was windy out on the trail this morning! Alfie pulled the same move as Bear did yesterday, and shouldered down to slide across the icy, packed snow when we reached the stretch of Chautauqua Trail where it hasn't melted yet. There weren't any good, loose ice chunks for Racer to munch on today. Griff and Alfie were both really into kicking up dirt after leaving scent marks on our way up the mountain. There was one point along Bluebell-Mesa Trail where Lou and Alfie were both extremely interested in sniffing. Racer is usually the one who spends the most time with her nose to the ground, but she only started sniffing this particular area after Lou and Alfie stopped to investigate. Griff wasn't that interested.

Variety Pack

The wind continued to blow as Arlo, Lou, Carl and Lumi headed to Goose Creek Greenway for their pack walk this afternoon. Prairie dogs were out to chirp at us as we walked by, but the dogs didn't get too distracted by them. Later on in the walk, we encountered a big deer making its way through an overgrown field adjacent to the path. Arlo started pulling at the sight of it. Lumi seemed to notice, as he was looking in the direction of the deer, but he didn't pull at all. Carl and Lou either didn't notice or didn't care about the deer.

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