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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was hot enough today that Griff and Racer didn't refuse water from the Camelbak any of the times I offered it. Despite his panting, Tucker wasn't that eager to drink; however, he accepted some when I tucked the spout under his lip to get him going. I also doused his head with some water to help cool him off since his panting seemed to indicate that he was feeling the heat the most of the pack. Griff and Racer climbed into Boulder Creek a few times to cool off, as well, while Tucker was too wary to enter the water.

Variety Pack

Clover, Zoey, Carl and Tucker took their time ambling through Eben G. Fine Park this afternoon. Zoey was really in a meandering mood, making lots of stops and veering off to follow her nose through the grass. Clover and Carl did a lot of sniffing as well, but were not so stubborn about insisting on checking out so many particular spots. Tucker was along for the ride while his packmates sniffed around, but was more distracted by the sights and sounds of people around the park - especially the bicyclists and rollerbladers who zipped by.


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