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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack had a rare, unfortunate encounter with an aggressive dog who was off leash at Shanahan Ridge this morning, but thankfully nobody got bit. We had moved well off from the trail to let the other hikers pass by, but the dog ran up to us anyway and started barking and snapping while circling us. Sputnik and Racer were both very upset by the incursion. Griff remained pretty well composed. Once the other dog's guardian rounded him up and moved on, I spent a little time checking in with everyone. Racer and Sputnik were both reactive toward the next dog we saw, but settled down quickly. It was a good sign when everyone kept their cools later, as a young Golden Retriever started to approach us before being called back, near the end of the hike.

Variety Pack

At the beginning of our walk, Zoey actually stirred things up with some playful moves that got Avo, Riley, Rey, and Mamacita all to leap after her. After that, the pack practiced walking at a heel without pulling, sitting on command, waiting patiently, and generally staying calm during our walk at Bear Creek this afternoon - habits that our younger pack members are still mastering. With repetition and beef jerky, the pack was very calm and well-mannered by the latter half of the walk - with the one notable exception being that Avo still had a penchant for repeatedly mounting Zoey. Still, she gave up without a fuss each time I removed her, and Zoey was unfazed by the attention. So even with that, the pack walk remained pretty pleasant. A skateboarder even picked his board up to pass us on foot, and commented on how much he liked the dogs. He hopped back on the board about 20 feet away, and the dogs all took it stride. Perhaps today will prove to be a milestone in the saga of pack-skateboarder relations.

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