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Thursday Pack Activities (2/22/2024)

Adventure Pack

Rey and Griff enjoyed some off-leash time together at Shanahan Ridge today. Griff usually takes up a dedicated post at as the pack's scout, keeping about 10-20 yards ahead of the rest of us, but instead he followed Rey around as Rey roamed off-trail. Alfie was very excited seeing Rey run around, and kept making goofy moves to try to draw her attention. Racer kept to her usual priorities of sniffing around and munching on snow.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to Wonderland Lake for their afternoon walk. Carl, Arlo and Blu were all into kicking up dirt after marking spots. Gidget did not make such a mess. We saw a flock of geese on the south side of the pond. Blu was keenly interested and could hard take his eyes off of them, while his packmates took the avian presence in stride.


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