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Thursday Pack Activities (3/23/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff, Blu, Tucker and Button had a nice hike to Enchanted and Kohler Mesas from the Chautauqua today. The weather was nice and the trails were moderately busy. Blu kept his head up more today rather than following his nose the whole time. He, Button and Tucker got a bit excited about passing dogs but did a good job of staying with me and not pulling too much. Griff enjoyed his off leash time but didn't wander off too far from the pack.

Variety Pack

The nice weather continued through the afternoon as Gidget, Clover, Carl and Zoey walked around Wonderland Lake together. Clover hobbled a bit but was eager to keep going even while Zoey wanted to make frequent stops, sometimes for no discernible purpose; on some occasions Zoey stopped to sniff an area and the pack joined her, but at other times she just stopped and stood in place. The whole pack stopped to sniff hello with a few friendly Doodles.


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