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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was in a more relaxed mood today. He didn't react poorly to any of the dogs we saw, and he had a pleasant smile and content demeanor throughout the hike. Racer was still interested in tramping through the snow wherever she could. Since a lot has already melted away, that meant she kept pulling off the side of the trail in order to get to it. Griff was feeling very playful, and raced up and down the trail every so often to express his general enthusiasm.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Avo, Zoey, and Riley headed to the Bear Creek Path this afternoon, after a short stop at the house. Avo and Riley chased each other around at the house before heading out for the walk, but everyone was pretty calm and orderly once we set out at Martin Park. The whole pack stopped to sniff a particular tree trunk at one point along the way. Mamacita and Avo did thorough research while Zoey and Riley soon turned their attentions to the many fallen twigs to be chewed.

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