Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer chewed on sticks in the stream at the Gregory Canyon Trail Head, while Griff enjoyed the water. Carl and Sputnik mostly stuck to the bank, only barely getting their paws wet. Carl spent some time off leash with Sputnik today. Carl wandered off his own way while Sputnik stuck close to the group. We practiced Carl's recall a few times, and I doled out treats to the pack to provide encouragement.

Variety Pack

The pack made slow progress through Martin Park this afternoon, as everyone wanted to take their time sniffing around. Mamacita was especially slow, and she munched on a lot of the taller blades of grass. She eventually threw up the grass she had been eating, and then seemed to have a more settled stomach afterward, as she no longer insisted on making stops. Riley, Avo, and Zoey all nibbled on a little bit of grass alongside Mamacita, but not with same zeal. Later on in the walk, Avo hopped around and dropped into half-sideways play-bows to try to get Riley, and then Zoey, to play with him. Riley responded with some hops and dodges of her own, until they got a little too wild and I had them cut out the shenanigans.