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Thursday Pack Activities (4/20/2023)

Adventure Pack

The Chautauqua was moderately busy as Racer, Yoshi and Griff hiked there this morning. Yoshi struggled to keep with the pack and kept wanting to pull ahead throughout. Sometimes it was because he saw another dog further up the trail, but oftentimes he had no clear purpose in trying to get ahead. Griff walked wonderfully as usual; Racer stuck with the pack more than usual, only pulling off to the side a little bit at the beginning of the hike when everybody was readily distracted by the smells along the Baseline Trail.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl and Yoshi had a playful time together at the house before we set out for our afternoon walk. Yoshi continued to pull ahead for the beginning of our journey along the Goose Creek Greenway but he eventually settled into pace with me, Zoey and Carl. Prairie dogs were out chirping in the field by the path. They drew the curiosities of both Yoshi and Carl, who stared out into the field but stayed on the path and didn't make any attempts to go after them.


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