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Thursday Pack Activities

Morning Pack

Gidget, Blu, Riley, and Lizzo went for a walk to Wonderland Lake this morning, before the day's heat set in. Lizzo and Riley just met for the first time yesterday. Riley was a little stiff around Lizzo, while Lizzo was wiggling and flailing around, but they got more used to each as they walked together. We encountered a couple rabbits along the way. The dogs perked up at the sightings - especially Blu - but they maintained composure as the rabbits hopped away.

Adventure Pack

I expected Racer and Riley to team up in wildly chomping at the water at the crossing to the Saddle Rock Trail, but they just dipped their noses in, in a much milder manner than I had imagined. We lingered especially long in the water, and at shaded spots along the way, since this morning was both hot and mostly sunny. Our hike ended with Racer, Carl, Riley, and Sputnik all relaxing in the grass at the Chautauqua Park, and alternately taking drinks from the CamelBak.

Variety Pack

Lizzo was much more comfortable getting into the water at Boulder Creek this afternoon. She hopped right in along with Avo, Zoey, and Mamacita; then she started jumping up and down in place to see how much she could splash. The answer was: a lot. The other dogs were too busy enjoying the water to really take notice. My feet and legs got pretty wet as I stood on the creek bank, holding leashes and shielding my face from the miniature typhoon.

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