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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Racer, and Carl were thirsty dogs, happy to take frequent water breaks throughout our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this morning. Griff held out until our very last stop, at which point he finally took a drink. We were taking a pretty leisurely pace all the way. Carl was pretty distracted by other dogs we passed. His packmates weren't really concerned with them. Racer and Sputnik were on the prowl for bits of food, disposed of in the brush beside the path. I did my best to keep them from nabbing anything, but I did catch Racer licking what looked like a peanut butter cup wrapper, just as we passed by an area where some high school students were hanging out.

Variety Pack

Mamacita started off our afternoon walk with a roll in the grass. Avo leapt over to her and then took a turn when Mamacita stood up. Riley rolled around next to Avo, and the two of them did a bit of dodging around, along with some Sumo wrestling-like moves. Zoey watched it all go down from a distance, and Mamacita went and stood next to her. When they were done, Avo looped Zoey in by making an attempt to mount her, which Zoey casually rebuffed along with my assistance. We walked down to Wonderland Lake from Foothills Park. Riley and Avo did a great job of keeping their attentions on me as a young, exuberant dog passed us by at one point. Mamacita and Zoey were entirely unfazed by the pup.


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