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Thursday Pack Activities (5/18/2023)

Adventure Pack

Button, Tucker and Griff hiked up Gregory Canyon today. Storm clouds were brewing overhead and I was a bit sore from hitting steeper trails earlier this week, so we took a pretty easy pace and didn't make it as far up the trail as the pack did yesterday. There is a thick vine hanging down across the trail near the beginning - low enough to step over - that the pack navigated without trouble yesterday. Tucker and Griff got through it fine, but Button lumbered through and got stuck, so I backed her up and held it aside for her to pass. The rain mostly held off. We only got sprinkled on a little near the end.

Variety Pack

The storm clouds parted for our afternoon walk along the Goose Creek Greenway. The prairie dogs were out chirping at us, but the pack wasn't concerned with them. Everyone was much more interested in sniffing around in the brush at the edge of the trail. Carl marked his spot on a big, leafy, green weed and then circled back to do it again after Zoey and Taco took their turns. Meanwhile, Racer and Clover were busy checking out the other side of the path. Clover had no problems keeping up today. Storm clouds started gathering again by the end of the walk and thunder started crackling on our final stretch back to the packmobile. Carl seemed like he was a little extra eager to get back to the car, but he wasn't frantic. The others stayed on pace, in no hurry to avoid the impending weather.


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