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Thursday Pack Activities (5/25/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack headed from the Chautauqua to Gregory Canyon again today. We made a long rest stop at the stream at Gregory Canyon before our ascent. Griff led the way, splashing through the stream and then crossing to sniff the surrounding landscape. Button and Racer got right into the stream and hung out there, wading around a bit. Tucker danced at the edge of the water and leaned down to chomp at it. He snatched a water-logged stick out that made for good chewing. We then continued on up the mountain. The pack stopped to sniff around the area where Bear and Avo found a carrion bone earlier this week. On our way back down, Griff veered off the trail and came back with the very bone. Tucker perked up and started pulling toward Griff ahead of us on the trail when he realized Griff's find. Griff didn't run off with it, but he wasn't too eager to give it up to me either. I eventually got him to release it and then I chucked it further down the canyon before doling out treats to everyone.

Variety Pack

Clover, Zoey, Avo, Carl and Taco all walked nicely together along the Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon. We started off slowly, as everyone wanted to sniff around at the greenery that lined either side of the trail around where it meets the parking lot. There was another area a bit further on where everyone but Clover pulled over to nibble some grass. Avo got worked up and barked at the sight of a recumbent bicyclist who rolled by us, but the rest of the pack stayed chill. Gray clouds were slowly moving in from the west but didn't reach us before the end of the walk.

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