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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A deer crossed the Chautauqua Trail right next to a few other hikers, about 30 yards ahead of us. To my surprise, Sputnik, Griff, Carl, and Racer didn't react at all to it! Not a single woof or tug on the leash. I didn't even notice any ears perk up at attention. Later, on our way back down the mountain, some other hikers commented on how well behaved and well trained the pack was as they stopped and sat around me for treats and some water.

Variety Pack

Lizzo was out of her mind with excitement when Lou and Riley joined her and Avo this afternoon before our walk. She calmed down eventually, and the pack headed to the Bear Creek Greenway. The path was pretty quiet today. We didn't come by any other dogs - just the occasional cyclist. The girls all wanted to stop and sniff the same areas together at several points along the way.

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