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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff's nose was leading him again today, as he made frequent stops to sniff in the brush beside the trail. Racer and Carl were quick to join him on his investigations, while Sputnik waited on the trail and watched to see if I was going to offer him more water. Knowing what he wanted, I usually obliged. Sputnik did some sniffing when he was off-leash a little later, but he stuck to the trail while Griff wandered into the tall grass.

Variety Pack

Avo, Ruffers, Lizzo, Zoey, and Sanni did a nice job walking together at Boulder Creek this afternoon. We got a bit tangled whenever we stopped for a sniff, mostly because the puppies Lizzo and Sanni would wander around with total disregard for their surroundings. At one point, Lizzo slipped underneath Sanni, even though she didn't appear to have any particular goal on the other side but to stand and look around. Zoey, Sanni, and Avo were all into nibbling at the ground itself at a couple locations, especially when we stopped at Eben G. Fine Park near the end of our walk.


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