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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After I just noted that Carl has been following Griff less lately, he kept pretty close to him throughout our hike this morning. Sputnik and Racer were good hikers, keeping right along with me and occasionally stopping to sniff around. When we passed through the Chautauqua Park, they made more frequent stops to check out the scents there. On our way down the mountain, Carl took notice of a big stick lying in the trail. He debated for a while whether he was going to try to bring it along. After nibbling on the end a bit, he decided it was okay staying where it was.

Variety Pack

Mamacita pulled into the leaf-strewn field at Eben G. Fine Park to have a sniff around. Avo poked around beside her until her nose detected something interesting buried under the leaves. She started pawing at the ground, and then flopped down and start rolling around. After Avo was done, Mamacita went and sniffed the same spot. She decided to mark the spot, rather than try to mark herself with it like Avo. Zoey just stood by while that all went down. She sniffed around in the leaves a little and left her own mark among the sea of leaves, but wasn't drawn to the same spot as her packmates. As we continued our walk, there were some other points of interest that drew everyone's noses - but no more rolling around.

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