Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik poked along the trail and munched on snow here and there. Racer joined him to sniff around a eat a little snow as well. Griff and Carl were happy to scout ahead together and greet dogs when they passed by. With the wind tamed, the sun out, and a temperature in the low 50's F, it was beautiful weather for hiking.

Variety Pack

Mamacita did not have the same pep in her step today as she did Tuesday. She set the pace by lagging at the rear for most of the walk. Riley enjoyed trekking through snow banks beside the Boulder Creek Path. There was one big tree just west of the library that had the whole pack sniffing for a good, long while. Riley was the first on it, with Avo and Zoey joining in to sniff in short order. Mamacita followed up, and then I eventually had to urge Zoey along because she just didn't want to move on.