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Thursday Pack Activities (7/13/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer and Button were eager to get into the water as quickly as possible each time we stopped at the creek today. Griff and Sanni followed them while Tucker stood on a rock above the water and dunked his paw in, either testing the depth or trawling for sticks. Whatever his intent, he eventually backed off to the bank empty-but-wet-pawed. We moved along the path at a leisurely pace set by Button. Tucker and Sanni were restless and pulled ahead quite a bit today. Sanni did a bit better when I made a point to keep her walking to the inside of Racer. Eventually, we turned around when Button decided she wasn't going any further. In addition to the stops at the creek, everyone got splashed with some ice water from the Camelbak that they also drank from.

Variety Pack

Clover really enjoyed her time in the water as she kept dipping her back and down and up as if testing out her buoyancy and having some fun with it. Taco and Carl only wet their paws while Lou, Clover and Zoey all got soaked. The pack moved very slowly as they sniffed their way around Eben G. Fine Park together. Typically, everyone crowded around the same spot to sniff, with Lou being the last to join in the party. Clover, Taco, Zoey and Carl were all pretty equally likely to be the first to alert the pack to a point of interest.

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