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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik seemed to be in a pretty good mood today. He and Racer both happily took water while Carl and Griff were off exploring together. I practiced recall a couple times with Carl and Griff, and gave everyone treats when they came. During the same stretch of trail where they ignored me Tuesday, they again went on ahead despite me calling them back. This time it was to greet another dog who was jogging on leash with his human. I'll have to keep practicing recall with them.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Riley, and Avo had a calm, pleasant walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Riley and Avo perked up at the sight of a dog at Eben G. Fine Park, and a couple other dogs we saw along the way, but I got their attentions back on me pretty easily and everybody got treats for staying calm. When we passed through fields by the library and the kids' fishing pond, Avo seemed a little too interested in sniffing around. I only saw a few traces of goose poop around, but I think that must have been what was drawing her. Riley and Zoey did not sniff around with the same fervor as their packmate.


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