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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A woman complimented the dogs on how cute they all were, when we were on our way from the connector to the main trail at Shanahan Ridge. Racer promptly went up to her to get some pets, followed quickly by Carl. Sputnik sauntered over afterwards. Griff stood off to the side, uninterested in her attention. Carl, Racer, and Sputnik each munched on snow when the others were getting loved on. Griff did not partake in the snow snack either. When we got to the main trail, Griff had a fun time running through the snow as Carl pursued. They met a playful Australian Shepherd who also ran around with them a bit. Sputnik and Racer both woofed at the Aussie, and then Racer started making play-moves with Carl after the Aussie left.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Zoey, Rey, Avo, and Riley walked the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Avo, and Riley all got a bit worked up about dogs that passed by a couple times during our walk. They both pulled and barked for a moment, but then got a hold of themselves pretty quickly. Rey joined in the pulling the second time, but not the barking. Meanwhile, Mamacita and Zoey were setting the right example for their younger counterparts.


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