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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It's amazing how much mud sticks to Carl's coat, compared to how clean Racer's coat is after a hike in the mud. Sputnik gets pretty muddy too, but it wipes away a lot more easily than it does from Carl's coat. Griff's coat tends toward the Racer side of the spectrum, but his paws required a bit of cleaning once we made it back to the packmobile.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Zoey, and Riley took their time moseying down the Boulder Creek Path and stopping to sniff at numerous points along the way. Mamacita and Zoey were typically the ones who initiated the stops, but Riley was usually the quickest to hop off the path and start sniffing. Mamacita and Zoey took their time moving off the path and then took their time poking around. We didn't go very far today, but the dogs certainly got their fill of olfactory information.


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